Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Weekend to Remember (!?)

My Weekend:

1.Went to visit Stonehenge.
Verdict - Just a pile of stones. Not worth the Train+Bus fare +Entry fee.
2. Since we were already in Salisbury, decided to visit the Salisbury Cathedral.
Verdict - Nice cathedral, superb gothic architecture. Free Entry *happy face*

End Result: Totally exhausted from the journey... had to change 2 trains, plus waiting time in-between. Some snaps came out well though.

Went to visit Windsor. Train delays meant that all of us reached only by noon.
1. Decided to try out Ice skating
Verdict: Super Super fun. Incredibly difficult though. Damn &%$#ing rain ruined everything.
2. Rain gets heavier. Weather colder.
3. Went to visit Windsor Castle. It was closed for visitors by the time we made it.
Verdict: Screwed.

End Result: More Exhausted than saturday from enduring rain, cold and 3 train changes which took forever.

Total Expenditure: Approx 80 Pounds
Positives: Ice Skating, a few nice snaps.

Weekend Result: Total Washout

Happy New Year.

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