Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Half Blood Prince lives up to the expectations

Phew !!
Finished the book yesterday.... and I'm compelled to think that this is the best HP book yet.. just nudging "Goblet of Fire" to second place...
(Warning: Spoilers ahead!! )
Must say Rowling has left us a few tantalising clues about the last book.... RAB, Horcrux and of course.. Snape !!
I have a feeling things would turn out quite differently in the last one... but Snape is the Key... I think he has a major, MAJOR role to play in the last one...
Hats off to JKR... she's built up the story in an incredible way...
Now coming o the last book...u can guess in a thousand ways, but I'm sure she'll be one up when it comes to the twists & turns.... and to think of it.. she'd had it all figured out years before !! just amazing !!

Already counting the days to the release of the last book... "Harry Potter and __________??"