Saturday, January 28, 2006

"Real" Celebrity?

Its finally ended... the show that has been keeping everyone hooked to their TV sets from the past 3 weeks has finally come to a close.
News channels & Tabloids all over the country are busy analysing the irony & significance of a 21 year old normal girl from Essex "Chantelle", winning the "Celebrity" Big Brother..
Y'know, I sometimes wonder what the fuss is all about.. I mean.. its a TV show.... Okay, a relality TV show which involved one of the MPs of Britain.
But still, at the end of the day, it is a TV show. And I simply cannot understand these News channels giving so-o-o-o much coverage & analysis(for god's sake) and dedicating hours of airtime to something so undeserving. Even newspapers (not just tabloids) are making this their front page news.
I'm not kidding... every time I turn on the TV, some channel will have a show where 2 hosts are discussing Big Brother and then they bring in 2 "special guests" to "analyse"the show and its results.. every week. And this week being the finale.. it was outta control.

Speaking of the show itself, the concept is actually quite interesting. 11 people are kept 'confined' in a house with no contact to the outside world. They have to do certain weird tasks inside the house, be a good 'house-mate' and somehow survive for three weeks. Every once in a while one person will be evicted from the house based on other house-mates' & viewers' poll. Finally one person wins based on public opinion.

It was interesting to watch.. but only in parts. In general it was a bit boring, I'd say...I mean how long can you watch the same people brushing their teeth, yelling at each other, etc..
But it had enough in it to keep people hooked.. and well.. thats all that matters, right?

Whats more, auditions for the next season of Big Brother are already open!

Hey, have Indian channels not yet lifted this idea yet??
I'll bet it won't be long before we see Vinod Kambli, Laloo and co. with a few TV stars locked up in a house!

C'mon people.. its Reality TV!

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