Friday, January 06, 2006


Things had been kinda hectic.. and I've been a li'l lazy to blog too...
Well, I'm back in the UK after a 10 day long stay back home in bangalore during christmas..
It felt soo good-
...Being able to spend some time with my loved ones.
...Seeing my frens again, hangin out in good ol' bangalore.
...Eating Idli Vade Sambar... with the heavenly adigas coffee.
...Eating Sagu Masale Dose.
...Eating Anna Saru with Kosambri.
...Being able to walk out into the balcony in the morning with just my banian on.
...Being able to wear T-Shirts.
...Watching all the latest kannada movie trailers on Udaya TV at 11 PM... god bless them.
...Aimlessly riding on my bike in Mysore.. a feeling that no other country/city can match.

Mom and Dad and bro were there in bangalore by noon to greet me. Mom had also brought along my fav. dishes for lunch. (Oh before I forget, lemme mention that my Mom is one of the best cooks in the whole world. My friends will vouch for that.) But I'd already sneaked in some idlis and dosas at Adigas in the morning. I was just dying to eat that stuff.

Took a couple of days off from work to spend time with K, which in itself was worth all the 10 hour flights & jetlags & all that. We did have a really beautiful time together, and I started feeling more miserable sitting on the flight back to London thinking about the next couple of months without her.

Caught up with my friends back home (only a few left now, everyone's flying off to the US) which was nice. Also got a rare chance to spend some time with a few old friends in mysore whom I had not met for a while. we did a good old fashioned boys' "nite out" which was super fun! Found myself sitting at home on New year's eve because of stupid undecided flight schedules.

But now I'm back here again.
Lots of plusses here, you know: money, travel, friends, a sense of excitement.

Just one small minus. It ain't home.

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