Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mixed bag

Oh yeah... Life's a mixed bag, if you didn't know already.

Here I am, in Taunton, an absolutely bea-uu-tiful place, with more greens, old churches and houses, lovely people.. some kind of serene, natural feeling attached to it. Work is going on at a leisurely pace. Co-workers seem very nice and all...
...but still I'm not entirely happy.

Why? For starters, I'm living in a hotel for the first time.. which is kinda new, but in no way comparable to living in an apartment...
can't cook or wash here.. so, have to pay a lot for these things which automatically makes me sad.
Annnnd, since this is a small town, Internet is not too.. er.. 'all-pervasive' lets say. Turns out that I've to pay 12 quid (a slang for pound!) for a night of broadband!! That's plain outrageous.
So, you see, this is nothing short of confinement.

Anyways, everything's not glum. The drive to taunton was quite nice. Lots of broad, green fields and nice scenery. Office is nice too. Check out the view from my window in office.

My architect here is an Indian-born-settled-here guy. He's some sort of guru when it comes to anything technical. He has a pretty cool attitude and a refreshingly candid demeanour, which, for me is like finding idly-sambaar in Burger King!
I feel that, underneath, he's still a 22 yr old who likes to hang out with his friends in Chennai! :) (Hmmm.. that sounds familiar)
Anyway, It feels good again to talk in English without subconsciously putting on a fake accent! Not to mention the bliss of being able to use 4 letter words in office again!

Life, is indeed a mixed bag.

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