Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Really Bad Day at Office.

I'm sitting at my desk staring at the computer screen. No work to do. No one from our office gang is in today. I've come to office to finish some paperwork with Finance which, as expected will only happen after 5 in the evening. There is not a single person in the adjoining 5 cubicles. Where the hell is everybody dammit? What am I doing here??
Winamp is running on shuffle mode since morning. I've even read all the user comments on rediff.
Bangladesh were giving me something to look forward to, but even they folded for 410 odd.

Okay, I shall drown my boredom in some random musings.
  • Saw Ghajini on friday. Good masala movie, although I felt that there wasn't enough of the intriguing short-term-memory-loss concept even though that was publicized as the USP of the film. I watched it in Urvashi theater with 2000 other people. The ambience was terrific. Aamir khan can take a bow for his versatility. Asin is like a breath of fresh air. Jiah khan has super potential, methinks.
  • Went to Mysore over the weekend. Me & the missus visited chamundi hills & the temple. Huuge crowd. Chaos. Screwed a couple of smartasses trying to jump the ticket queue. Sadistic pleasure :). One funny incident though: A marwari guy walked toward the small hanuman idol inside the temple, pointed toward the idol and asked the poojari "yeh kaun hain"? The poojari looked at him dumbfounded for 3 seconds, then just lost it totally and chased him out of the temple while yelling obscenities!!
  • Visited a friend and her cute li'l 3 month old baby girl. She'd dressed her up in a pink frock we'd gifted her when the baby was born. So sweet. Is it just me or are girl babies a little quieter & less destructive than boy babies?
  • The fact that I only have 2 more days to eat all the indian junk food is making me feel miserable.
  • Whatever happened to Anuradha Paudwal, that singer with a distinctly melodious voice? I'm listening to the title song of 'Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain' (I know), and she sounds so damn melodious. Good song that.
  • My office gang is disintegrating. And its making me sad. I'm leaving for the US, one quit the company, one moved to a different department and a different office.. all this at once. Dunno if life will be the same again once I return.
Okay, enough rambling. Its 3:30. Time to harass the finance guys once more.


narendra shenoy said...

Have a great time in the US!

perplexed said...

i missed this one at urvashi.. i love the ambiance there..nothing like it!

have fun in the US! good luck! :)

Princess Fiona said...

the tamil version of ghajini is better :) i guessed the priest bunked school the day they taught that one should not swear inside the temple :)

DewdropDream said...

You're off to the US? Bijhness trippaa?? All the best!

Girl babies seem quiet and non-destructive ashte... I was a very loud and noisy baby ante...

Anuradha Paudwal sings exclusively for T-Series apparently... hence no sign of her in Bollywood as such :)

DewdropDream said...


Anna Bond said...

@Shenoy: Thanks! I kinda am :)

@perplexed: Thank you!

@Princess Fiona: I actually want to watch the tamil version now and see how Surya campares to Aamir.

@DewDropDream: Yes, bijness trip :)
There could be exceptions to the girl-baby theory. But that's my general observation.
And, Updated the blog y'day :)