Monday, December 08, 2008

Dose & Idly

One of the true pleasures of living in Bangalore is the wide & varied availability of high class vegetarian food, which by extension maps to Dose and Idly.
You see, Being a pukka Kannada Brahmin, outside food was largely limited to dose and idly for a large part of my childhood. (and it was limited further due to my mother's insistence of eating only at places where they don't use excess garlic.. "adeshtu bellulli haakidano haaladovnu").
I guess that's why my first question at any new restaurant is usually "special dose yenenide?"

Having had my (and a few others') share of Doses (not "Dosas", you NRIs), I think the time is right for some information sharings, for the benefit of other dose eating public.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, here's a list of my favorite dose & idly joints of Bangalore.

Any dose is incomplete without the perfect chutney (or with excess garlic!), so that is one very important criterion.

1. SLV, near Ragigudda temple, Jayanagar: Has improved seriously in the last 2 years.. enough to beat others in the list actually. And they make the best Onion Dose.
2. CTR, Malleshwaram: Superb Benne Masale. Mangalooru Goli Bajji is another speciality.
3. Janatha Hotel, Malleshwaram: Unique chowltry style experience. Great Masale Dose.
4. Vidyarthi Bhavana, Gandhi Bazaar: Another Unique experience. Probably the softest dose of all.
5. Ganesh Darshan, Jayanagar 4th Block: Terrific Dose-Chutney combo.

Hon'ble Mentions:
** Halli Thindi: Basavangudi: Makes one-of-a-kind Ragi Dose and Bread Dose.
** Woody's, Jayanagar: Used to make superb Rave Masale and Mysore Masale Dose. Quality has definitely deteriorated of late.
** Kamath Lokaruchi, Bangalore-Mysore Highway: The best place to stop en route to Mysore. Very good doses.

Idly Vade:
With Idly too, Chutney and Sambaar are key. Keeping that in mind...

1. Veena Stores, Malleshwaram: Hands down, the best Idly & Vade in town.
2. SLV near Ragigudda temple: The Best Idly-Vade-Sambaar-Chutney combo in town.
3. Adigas, Jayanagar 4th Block: Good Idly. But the Rave Idly is just heavenly.
4. Janatha Hotel, Malleshwaram: God, what Vades! Super I say.
5. Udupi Krishna Bhavan, Koramangala: Used to serve superb idlis for lunch! (Haven't heard of it in more than 2 years though)

Hon'ble Mentions:
** An Unnamed shop on 'Food Street' in VV Puram: Super soft idlis. In fact, the whole street is awesome!
** Halli Thindi, Basavangudi: Great Idlis with unique chutney.

(Even though this is a Bangalore Only post, being a Mysorean I feel compelled to mention Mylari Restuarant in Kuvempunagar in Mysore. They make the best Dose and Coconut Chutney in this world! Do check it out.)

I'm hungry now. No, its not psychology.. I'm actually hungry. Okay, fine, don't believe it. 
I think I'll convince my wife for a little dose excursion tonight.
(actually, she doesn't need a whole lot of convincing. *wink*)

(If I've missed out on any good places or if you disagree with my choices, feel free to drop in a word below)


Shooting the breeze said...

Gr8 info :)
Try out sometime, Benne Dosa centre in Rajajinagar. They prepare really good davanagere style dosa.

silk smitha and disco shanti said...

anna bond....being a can u 4get namma GTR masala dose..!?? henge henge henge..!??? and also...try benne plain dose in the gaadi in front of the clock tower....its AWESOME...!!!

Anna Bond said...

@silk: ohh saary I say.. but honestly, of late GTR quality swalpa kadme aagide anstide.

perplexed said...

Brahmins coffee bar in basvangudi!!..the idli there is simply superb!

DewdropDream said...

Lokaruchi and Mylari!!! Yavag maneg bartino anisuta ide eega!!

@ Silk smitha: Id yaav gaadi? Hudakle bekaitu eegantu!

There used to be this gaadi just off Kalidasa Road... they made the best dose and mallige idli... innu idiyo ilvo gottilla

Sukla M C said...

There the places mentioned here are good... but its just "IDLY & DOSA", for a VARIETY of Vegetarian food, try "Sri Krishna Bhavan" on the street/galli leading to Strides right opposite to iiMB, (their first branch is in Kormangala, never been there... but have heard its better than the one in bannerghatta road)

Anonymous said...

Guru,Ninoo banglore alle kutoo dosa idli tineese name a few more,Nisarga,Nalapaka@rajajinagar
Heard about Brahmins cafe a lot.

DewdropDream said...

I went to Green Leaf AND Nalpak today :D

Anna Bond said...

@Shooting the breeze: Thanx, will try it out sometime.

@perplexed: brahmins cafe, eh. Sounds yummy!

@sukla: I guess you're right. I just stuck to idly and dosa in this post :)

@lifebeginsnourishit: So, neenu bangalore alli illa anta aaytu. I know that feeling! :)

@DewDropDream: Green Leaf was always just okay, no?

narendra shenoy said...

Mylari is awesome, but as silk smita says, GTR is great too (if that's the one in nanjumalige) I'm not from mysore but i'm married to someone who is. Just love the place

brahmins matrimoy said...

Ate kalyana sappatu ?

Anonymous said...

aiyyo..mysorean aagi GTR mention illa!!! Blasphemy,i tell u!

@narendra shenoy,

ahem...saaaar, GTR is in Chamundipuram circle not in nanjunmalige.

Anonymous said...

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