Monday, November 14, 2005

Top Ten Traffic Howlers

Top Ten Traffic Howlers (in bangalore)

Foreword: I ride on a bike..and I wear a helmet.

10.Getting stuck behind an autorickshaw running on LPG (yuck!)
9. Some Smartass (usually autodriver) blocking the road just enough so that you cannot take the free left turn.
8. Freaks on Yamahas without silencers (at 1 AM!.... aaarghh)
7. A spike haired stud(?) with a girl on the backseat, honking like crazy at 500 vehicles in front of him in the middle of a traffic jam!!
6. Driving on Bannergatta Road
5. Autodrivers going at 10kmph on an empty road hunting for customers... and hence making you miss the green.(aaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh)
4. Auto & Car drivers who yawningly start their engines 5 seconds after the light's turned green.
3. Getting stuck behind a garbage truck on a narrow road(eeewwwyyyyuccckkkk!!)
2. Rain
1. A woman driving a car within a 50 Metre radius around you. (well, in most cases :)!!)

P.S: Driving on Hosur Road is not included since it qualifies under "Unsuspicious Suicide Methods".

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pseudo said...

Ha Ha! Dude, I can so relate to 9) and 5)
Nice :)

Anonymous said...

Well, You should probaly add Airport Road to that list.
Good one though.