Sunday, November 27, 2005


Flightplan rocks.
Actually, we went with the intention of watching "Harry Potter & GOF" (which also rocks!), but it was sold out & had to settle for this.. but it turned out alright !
Jodie Foster is so so good! She has to be one of the best around... Thinking about the movie afterwards makes you realize how superlatively convincing her performance was. I thought the role required varied levels of complexity, in terms of emotions.. and she pulled it off with amazing perfection. Wow!
The movie's plot is also very "different" *non-cliched please*... manages to grip you throughout...
Not a waste of 6.5 pounds I'd say!

...just kidding! 6.5 pounds is wayyy too expensive for any movie!!
But I'd definitely pay it to watch "King Kong", which by the way is now atop of the list of my must watch movies this season. The promos look jaw-dropping to say the least !!

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