Monday, November 14, 2005

Back to College

It was more of a co-incidence that I was in mysore the same weekend as our annual college fest.
Its been almost a year since I visited the college... Boy! a lot of things seem to have changed.. or is it just my perception??
For starters, its freshly painted & looks appealing...A lot of new signboards, directions, maps and what not... are also on offer.
..didn't get a chance to go to the golden jubilee complex since it was late in the evening...that was bit of a bummer..

Anyways, the evening was mostly made up of group dance events & a really dull "Mr & Ms Technieks" (gaawd! and I thought it couldn't get worse than our times)... The dances were atleast tolerable... (as usual, the girls hostel troupe drew the loudest catcalls!) and almost all of 'em had 3 tracks in common - "Aasihq Banaya Aapne Remix, Garam Masala Remix & and a Tamil track from Anniyan" !! It was like 2000/2001 all over again when every group dance was "Kambakth Ishq" and every solo was "Ek pal ka jeena"...
I dunno if its just me, but why do I always get the impression that the quality of.. er.. babes(!) is getting better every time I visit the college!!???? Maybe its just the regular Grass-greener-on-the-other-side situation...or maybe not??

Anyway, visiting college certainly does bring back so many many good memories...But unfortunately, it also re-iterates the fact that I'm not there anymore...Somehow, that 19 year old refuses to leave me completely...even after 2 years...ditto for the compulsive habit of relating most day-to-day stuff with college days..

Later, I also hung out with some old friends, which was quite nice since I hadn't seen most of them since graduating...had a very enjoyable dinner with them...chewing on those good ol' times.. and debating on who's made the most money in these years.. annnd of course discussing the women in our lives(duh!!)...
Aah.. that reminds me, I'm yet to see a girl whose curly locks would match those of THAT first semester girl (who, BTW is a senior now!)...

See...I told ya... these habits.. tchh tchh..

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Anonymous said...

Talk of Technieks brought back such fun memories!I cant believe that I am so fond of those boring times! I stumbled upon your blog and really liked it.