Friday, September 30, 2005

Go Underground !!

I know, I know... Its been almost 2 years since it was released & a sequel is also out in the market.... But its only now that I've finaly got a chance to play Need For Speed: Underground....
And all I can say is "Wow" !!
This is just the kind of game that I relish... Superb Locales, Exotic cars, Mind-blowing graphics & an extremely addictive gameplay... (was up till 2 am last nite !) Just imagine, there are like a zillion goodies that you can add to your car, to make it look like a devil or zip like a real beast....
The "Drag" & "Drift" modes have really added another dimension to the NFS series... they truly rock !

Oh.. I almost forgot... The Soundtrack - mainly hip-hop & punk rock.... absolutely ROCKS !!!

Next Stop: Underground 2

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Subramanyan Guhan said...

Hip Hop and punk Rock is it ??? thats a nice sentence